Claudine is an Estate Planner and a member of the Society of Will Writers. Claudine has specialist qualifications, including highly regarded STEP qualifications, in Will Preparation and Estate Administration. Her aim is to help you understand your options and put plans in place to protect your family.
Claudine studied Law at the University of Hull.After a successful career in the Probation Service, Claudine spent three years with a national will writing firm before establishing her own independent business, Trent Wills and Estates Ltd.  Whether it is a standard Will or more comprehensive estate planning, all clients are offered a home or office visit at a time that suits them. Claudine is proud of the reviews she receives on Google for the professional and friendly service she provides. 
In her spare time, Claudine enjoys keeping fit and walking her dog. She is a black belt in the Japanese martial art aikido and working towards her second dan grade. 

Claudine Jackson LLB (Hons) 
Tel: 0115 846 1446 / 07725 403584
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STEP certificate in Trusts and Estates
STEP advanced certificate in Estate Administration
STEP advanced certificate in Will Preparation
Society of Will Writers Will and Estate Planning Certificate
LLB Hons (2001) University of Hull

Our Will and Estate Planning services start with a free no obligation consultation to discuss your aims and individual needs. This can take place in your home or at Veracity's office in Woodthorpe if you prefer.
Our most frequently used services and fees are set out below:
Wills: Making a Will is your opportunity to say who you would like to inherit rather than let the law decide for you. You can also appoint someone you trust to act as executor for your estate and carry out your wishes. If you have children, a Will is a legally valid way to appoint Guardians for your children.  The cost of a Will is £150 and for a couple (mirror will) the cost is £225. Many parents elect to include a Children's Trust within their Will for a modest additional cost.
Children’s Trust: £30-50 – A way to help you protect your child's inheritance beyond eighteen (the automatic age of inheritance) until the age of twenty one or twenty-five if you prefer. The trust gives control of money to trustees (who you appoint) but with sufficient flexibility to enable the trustees to use discretion to release funds if needed e.g. for health or education at an earlier time.
Property Protection Trust: £450 – This is a particularly useful for home owners who are seeking to protect their most valuable asset for future generations. By altering the ownership of jointly owned property, it reduces the risk of the whole asset being lost should the surviving spouse remarry, re-write his/her will or incur debt of any kind.  Importantly, this type of trust also provides a range of protective measures for the surviving spouse or partner to continue living in the property or receive an income from it.  
Discretionary Trust: £300 -  Discretionary trusts can be used to protect people who may be unable to manage money due to disability, health or lifestyle.  Trustees can use their discretion and follow any guidance you may have provided, to distribute funds rather than the person inheriting or receiving a one-off lump sum that could be squandered. For disabled persons, using a trust for the management of inheritance is important for the continuity of care arrangements and depending on the type of trust can help with tax savings.
Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint people you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.  Accidents and illness can arise very suddenly at any age. A Lasting Power of Attorney needs to be made whilst you are well. If you lose capacity, your spouse or family may need to go to Court to get permission to make financial or medical/ care decisions for you. This can be a very stressful and expensive process and can be avoided by making a Lasting Power of Attorney. It is usually recommended that you have both the finance LPA and health LPA to cover the range of situations that can arise.
£200 (1 x Health & Welfare LPA or Finance LPA)
£300 (2 x LPA’s)
£500 (4 x LPA’s - couple having both types of LPA)
Probate - Being an executor of a Will or Estate can be very difficult and time consuming. Often those appointed in good faith, struggle with the reality of the task and are not aware of the personal liability that comes with the role.  Whether it is the Grant of Probate application through to full estate administration, trust set up and conveyancing, a quote can be provided.
Funeral Plans: Having a funeral plan in place is increasing and often goes alongside making a Will. You can pay fully or pay monthly and can plan in as much or as little detail as you want.There are options to suit every need and budget through my partnership with the leading providers of Funeral Plans that includes the Coop Funeral Care Services. A funeral plan consultation is free and without obligation.

For Business Owners there are estate planning packages available that can be discussed on request in regard to what happens to the business on death.