Our financial advice service starts and continues with a shared and bespoke "fact find". It builds up the history of your investments on paper, investment amounts and dates, annual fund values, annual net growth figures compared to a benchmark for each year invested.

It is a simple translation of all the complex information that financial product providers send to you so that you can understand what your historical position has been, what your current position is and how that translates into an understandable future forecast.  

This document is updated and shared regularly to reflect your financial circumstances and objectives, it also keeps you informed of the current and historic net performance of your financial assets alongside benchmark comparisons in an agreed format with agreed references.

This shared document  gives details of:

  • All contributions made.
  • All income taken.
  • What the current value and performance is in real terms alongside a benchmark.
  • What the historical value has been each year.
  • What the historical growth has been each year.
  • What the future forecast is likely to be.
  • What the amalgamated values and forecasts look like of all assets.
  • Insurance products in place including policy numbers, sum assured and terms.
  • Mortgage (s) in place including policy numbers, outstanding balances, terms and special rate end dates.
  • Asset and liability values and potential IHT issues

Our Fact Find Document is designed to give you simple, real information and to keep you informed and up to date on all your financial plans in a clear and understandable format to help you understand whether you are meeting your aims and objectives.

Our strength is not in producing unnecessary glossy and expensive reports designed to look good but difficult to follow, our strength is in simple, effective, clear and understandable discussion and reports that clearly define your financial position, to help you make the best decisions by clarifying both the benefits and the disadvantages so that you can make informed decisions and to deal with all your administration on your behalf, in running your investments and plans appropriately.

We offer transparent & competitive fees and service levels clearly set out on our website.

  • How to invest sensibly and securely.
  • With the appropriate type of investment provider, product and strategy.
  • Taking into account tax issues according to your circumstances.
  • Putting in place, Managing and Administering your accounts on your behalf.
  • Translating what you are being told by the providers of your products.
  • Researching of funds, providers, products and taxation issues as well as changes in rules, regulations and legislation.
  • Monitoring and updating investment performance.
  • Forecasting Future Capital and Income and Tax Issues.
  • Advice on dealing with foreseeable issues and liabilities.
  • Advice on protecting against unforeseen financial circumstance.
  • Amalgamating and updating all information into a single report.

There is a fine line between advice and sales and therefore we intentionally do not chase our potential clients for business after we have explained our proposition. We pride ourselves on our clear process of advice, our competitive and transparent fee structure and our belief that our advice and our actions will predominantly promote our business.

Our Independent Financial Advisers are always happy to meet at our clients' preferred location and time and to have detailed initial discussions with no obligation.

Please contact us by calling 01949 836173 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.