Initial setup fee of 1% of the amount invested capped at a maximum initial fee of £2,500*  = no charge on any amount over £250,000.  
We reserve the right to charge a minimum fee of £350.

plus we charge an Annual servicing fee of 0.5% of the amount invested.

*Initial fees are higher and the cap on charges may not apply to more complex cases such as defined benefit pension transfers or complex, trust involved, Investments over £1m, where additional charges may need to be negotiated,

We offer some additional valuable assurances 

  • We treat couples as a single entity in regard to investment caps.
  • We will only charge an initial fee once on monies that we look after for you. ie we will not charge you an initial fee a second time if we feel it is necessary to move the funds to a new provider at some time in the future.

Should you wish to look at the detail of the various additional types of business that we advise on or your pension/investment requirement is specialised in some way please see the full detail of or fees on the following pages.Individual advisers may have slightly different charging structures depending on how they work and how busy they are.However, the above charging structure would be available from at least one adviser within the firm if requested.

Our Independent Financial Advisers are always happy to meet at our clients' preferred location and time and to have detailed initial discussions with no obligation.

Please contact us by calling 01949 836173 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.