Long Term Care is a very complex subject and will often require an initial written report with illustrations of various products in order to assess your options. However if you only want to have a formal quotation in the first instance to know the level of income available or capital required to be spent then we can arrange a formal quotation only in the first instance

It may be that you require the arrangement of an investment product such as an immediate needs annuity or an equity release product.  However you may decide having considered your options, and if, the local authority agrees, to arrange a deferred payment option’ where the Local Authority pays for your care which is then repaid after the home is sold or indeed you may find that the rent achieved from the home would cover any shortfall required for care.

Long Term Care Annuity Initial Quotation Provider Comparison - £299.

Initial Long Term Care Fees Financial Written Report if required - £495.
If requested,  we will prepare an initial report of your current financial circumstances covering your current capital and income and the various options available to you based on the identified shortfall required to be covered, the report will include:

  • Options available to you through; Equity release, estimates of the cost of an ‘immediate needs annuity’ if available without a Doctors Report (If a Doctors report is required this will add about 4 to 8 weeks delay depending on the speed of the Dr’s surgery), taxable rental values and deferred payment options offered to you by the council. 

  • We will advise on any state benefits that should be available or potentially lost on any action taken. We will also help and advise you throughout the decision making process.

If you require the implementation of a further product to meet your capital or income needs, the implementation charges would be as follows:

Equity Release Fees
£499 fee payable from the drawn down funds (or separately) in addition to any fee payable from the provider.

Immediate needs annuity
The fee is 1.5% of the capital required to purchase the annuity.
There is a minimum fee of £600
This fee is usually included within the terms of the annuity and although charged to the annuitant is paid by the provider and therefore the annuity quoted includes the fee.

Examples of annuity fees in cash terms:

Example 1: if the capital required  to purchase the annuity is £50,000 our fee would be £750 
Example 2: if your net fund is valued at £140,000 our fee would be £2,100 (1.5%)

This can be paid directly by the client or added to the purchase value and paid by the provider.

Our Independent Financial Advisers are always happy to meet at our clients' preferred location and time and to have detailed initial discussions with no obligation.

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