Equity Release is a method of withdrawing equity in your property, as cash, if all or the majority of your wealth is in your home. If you think that equity release may be the best option for you, we will discuss your current financial situation with you in detail and advise you in simple terms whether we believe equity release is, or is not, the right product for you. Once we have ascertained that equity release is, in fact, the right product for you we will find the right equity release scheme for you, and provide you with clear written details explaining the benefits and disadvantages and we will set up the scheme on your behalf. 

Long-Term Care financial planning and advice is about finding the best way to pay for care or to fund nursing home fees from your available assets and to bring about some certainty over funding the care fees, for life, and potentially protecting the rest of your estate from being used to fund the nursing home fees. With careful planning it may be possible to structure finances in a way, that care fees can be paid indefinitely, without worrying about what might happen if the money available to you runs out. Most families want to ensure that their relative can stay in their chosen care home for the rest of their lives, as well as safeguarding as much of the existing capital as possible.

Long-term care planning has two distinct stages.

Stage 1 - Social Services which includes:

  • Attendance Allowance - the main non-means-tested benefit for which an application should always be considered.
  • Local Authority Assessment - has this been done properly and are the local authority charging and assessing the situation properly?
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Assessment -  is there a case for this valuable funding which can pay for all nursing home costs if health is a factor?
  • Retrospective Claims for prior fees charged and paid incorrectly.
  • Mental Capacity, Power of Attorney and Court of Protection Issues.

We work closely with a Private Social Worker who offers partial or full case management of all these issues where she will advise, discuss, negotiate on your behalf and personally attend meetings with the Nursing Home, the Local Authority and with the NHS on behalf of the person needing care and/or their family.

Stage 2 - Financial Planning which includes:-
Having exhausted, or during the interim period of, ensuring that the social service aspects of care have been fully investigated, then it is necessary to evaluate the best way to fund any remaining shortfall in the cost of care. This may be by purchasing an immediate care needs annuity or by using existing assets/funds to ensure that the appropriate returns are made in an appropriate manner.

If you are looking for advice in either equity release or care fees planning either at home or in a nursing home, we can help you through the whole process.

Edwin Snapper, the principal of Veracity Financial Planning, is a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) which is the main accreditation for advisers serving this sector of advice.

Veracity Financial Planning is qualified and experienced in both equity release and long-term care.

We welcome the involvement of family members in equity release and long-term care discussions.

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